Spring to Centre Actuators

Kinetrol's spring to centre models have a patented part-turn rotary actuator that is driven to an end stop in any direction from an initial centre position. Once the air supply is removed, it’s spring returned to an accurate and positive midpoint. The operator can mechanically choose this mid-position.


Check the torque ratings to see which Kinetrol spring to centre model to order.

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Kinetrol’s spring to centre actuator uses our vane-type rotary actuator coupled with two or more of our clock type spring units, offering midpoint accuracy and enhanced reliability. Find out more about the actuator features by downloading the datasheet.

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Get all the information you need about the materials we use to manufacture our Kinetrol actuators, including casings, vanes and much more. You can also find details about the different working temperature ranges and working pressure.

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Spring to Centre Actuators