Accessories & Mounting Adaptions


Offering mounting flexibility, Kinetrol’s ISO adaptor, direct mount flange and coupling for ISO 5211 drive interfaces are available for Kinetrol’s rotary actuator models 02 to 09.

Download ISO Adaptor


A NAMUR interface is available for Kinetrol’s actuator Models 03 to 15, allowing for direct mount and porting of solenoid valves.

Download Namur Interface


Kinetrol’s VDI/VDE 3845 mounting option is available for Kinetrol rotary actuator models 03 to 15. It allows for the interchangeability of existing position feedback units, offering an easy switch to Kinetrol actuators without the requirement for special brackets or couplings.

Download VDI/VDE


Kinetrol offers a clear cone monitor with red/green colour codes to give all-around high visibility position monitoring on all Kinetrol limit switch boxes. Kinetrol’s positioner monitors have the added benefit of providing visual scale movement indication.

Download Clear Cone Monitor