Industries Served

Food & Beverage

Our products help meet the challenges faced by the food and beverage industry. Our packages offer strong reliability and precise, accurate control resulting in improved efficiencies and reduced costs. Whether it is to supply a precise ingredient mix or an exact dosing of product, whether it is for washing, cooking or clean in place, from confectionery to potato chips, beer to cooking oil, we have a solution for you.

Water & Wastewater

In an industry traditionally dominated by electric actuators, we have vast experience in offering pneumatic quarter turn actuators as a credible alternative solution. From domestic water supply to waste water treatment to district heating, we offer extremely reliable and efficient assemblies for you to control your utilities.

Industrial Automation

With proven performance, durability and reliability, our products can help you improve your process efficiency. With lower running costs and reduced downtime, waste is minimised and margins improved. Be it for individual pieces of critical application machinery or across the complete process line, we have a solution for you in our range of actuators and associated control equipment.

Materials Handling

With proven ability to work in extremely harsh and dusty environments, our range of products adds value to your materials handling lines. Excellent durability allows for performance longevity in sectors such as cement or calcium carbonate. Exceptional accuracy means optimal performance of pneumatic conveying systems and the control of pneumatic manipulators. Our compact design has appreciable advantages for robotic handling solutions. Sixty years of experience means we can offer a solution to meet your needs.

Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Safety, reliability and accuracy - features of our products and assemblies that make them the chosen solution for chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical applications. We can deliver high performance units for your critical applications, offering peace of mind with our fail-safe spring return units. Our products’ robust design and finish offer protection against the most challenging environments.


From conventional thermal power (coal, gas, etc.) to nuclear power to the fast growing renewables sector, we can help you with your project requirements. With our large range of actuators and associated control units, along with our flexibility to design and manufacture bespoke engineered products, we have the capability to meet your needs, be it a traditional power station or new wave energy design. We have the experience, offering efficient, reliable and, most importantly, fail-safe assembles to meet the demands of your industry.

Other Industries

With our wide range of products and sixty years of experience we have supplied our assemblies across a broad range of industries. Whether you require straightforward valve automation or more complex engineered requirements, we have the ability to provide solutions to meet your needs.