Technical Datasheets

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Actuators and Springs

200 & 209 - Fitting O Ring Retainer to Serial Numbers Up To 631136

TD116 Issue: A

Actuated Valve Assemblies Position Indication Marking

TD164 Issue: B

Actuator - Displaced Volumes, Dead Volumes and Air Consumption

TD105 Issue: J

Actuator and Spring Options

TD169 Issue: B

Actuator Direction Of Rotation With RGS C15 Solenoid Valve Using NAMUR Adaptor

TD122 Issue: C

Actuator Operating Times With Namur Solenoid Valve

TD30 Issue: F

Actuator Stop Chart

TD15 Issue: R

Blueline Food Grade Coated Products

TD194 Issue: C

Calculation of Limits On External Moments of Inertia on Actuator Shafts

TD37 Issue: D

Details Of Namur Adaptor For Kinetrol Models 03 to 14 Actuators

TD123 Issue: H

Female Serrated Spring Dimensions

TD141 Issue: D

Kinetrol General Coating Specification

TD200 Issue: A

Kinetrol Product Range Features & Options

TD220 Issue: D

Kinetrol Spring Direction Of Rotation & Ordering Codes

TD130 Issue: B

Kinetrol VDIVDE 3845 Adaptor Plate

TD235 Issue: A

Materials of Construction

TD14 Issue: AA

Kinetrol Standard Yellow Epoxy Paint Chemical Compatibility Chart

TD205 Issue: B

Maximum Permissible Sideloads For Kinetrol Actuator Shafts

TD28 Issue: G

Method For Calculating Cv For Solenoid Valve Given Required Torque & Stroke Time

TD77 Issue: H

Nuclear Radiation Resistance of Actuator Materials

TD70 Issue: C

Recommended Actuator Mounting Screw Tightening Torques

TD111 Issue: M

Storage Instructions for Kinetrol Actuators and Other Ancillary Products

TD150 Issue: C

Valve Application Design Factors

TD68 Issue: C

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