180/120 Degree

Kinetrol's 180-degree pneumatic actuators are simple and compact, with no external moving parts. Their design is outstanding, providing a constant output torque, thanks to a continuous gear-up ratio, throughout the actuators' travel. Available either as double acting or spring return.
A 120-degree option is also available.

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Kinetrol’s vane-type rotary actuator design is well proven, with over sixty years of experience and millions of units spread all over the globe. Download the PDF to find out more about the unit’s main features.

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Get all the information you need about the materials used to manufacture Kinetrol actuators, including casings, vanes and much more. You can also find details about the different working temperature ranges and working pressure.

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Check out the 180-degree pneumatic actuator dimensions to ensure it fits your application needs. Download the PDF to review the units’ sizes and weights in metric and English units.

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Establish which 180-degree unit you need for your application. Details of the double-acting and spring return torques and necessary order codes of the 180-degree units currently available are found here.

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180 Degree Unit